First Church of Christ, Scientist
La Cañada Flintridge, California

827 Foothill Blvd, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011

Mail: P.O. Box 741, La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91012


Attending our services and meetings via teleconference

You can attend all of our Sunday services, and Wednesday testimony meetings via teleconference, as well as our other regular events, including the Bible Lesson Discussion Group and the Bible Study Group.

The teleconference system can be accessed in three different ways: by telephone, by Skype, or by WebCall. Here are the details.

1) Connecting by telephone

If you are located in our part of the Los Angeles area, call one of these numbers:
Enter Conference ID 60091011

These may be toll calls if you are not calling these numbers locally. However, local access numbers are available in many parts of the U.S. Click here to find call-in numbers all over the U.S. (NOTE: We do not have an 800 number.)

2) Connecting via WebCall

WebCall allows participation in a conference call using an up-to-date browser and a computer headset. For details, see the TurboBridge WebCall page. To join a call-in session, go to https://turbobridge.com/webcall or click on the Login link on the TurboBridge web site, then TurboBridge WebCall.
PLEASE NOTE: there are some limitations to WebCall, as described on the TurboBridge WebCall page.

3) Connecting via Skype

Dial +99051000000481 or begin a call to TurboBridge. Enter Conference ID 60091011 (Skype calls are free to you and cost the church a small amount.) See the note on this current page about setting up Skype.

IMPORTANT NOTE RE SKYPE: The 2018 Skype update (version 8.0) does not fully support the connection described above. If it does not work for you, we suggest the WebCAll method described above. For further information, see the TurboBridge Skype page.


Testimony meetings

To give a testimony during a Wednesday meeting, dial *6 to unmute yourself. When you have finished speaking, dial *6 again to mute yourself. (This helps eliminate unnecessary noise for teleconference participants.)

Notes for setting up Skype

Select Add Contact, then search for TurboBridge. Select the full name called “TurboBridge HD Conferencing”. This name should then appear almost immediately as a new contact, which you can use to call in. When you call in, you will be requested to enter the Conference ID shown above. Some users report that TurboBridge HD Conferencing did not appear immediately in their contact list, but did appear after a few hours, presumably following approval by TurboBridge. Thus we recommend setting up your Skype TurboBridge contact ahead of when you first plan to use it.

Turbobridge reference

For our teleconferencing we use Turbobridge. For full details of using this service, see the Turbobridge Help Center.

Note that TurboBridge provides toll-free access numbers for customers who subscribe to that feature. However, toll-free access (an 800 number) is not provided for our teleconferencing.

Occasional issue with telephone

Very occasionally, the Conference ID is not received correctly by Turbobridge. This is not a problem with your telephone. The workaround is to dial a different Turbobridge number (see list of Los Angeles-area numbers earlier on this page).